Board of Directors

Ted Kuntz, Chair
Ted is a parent, author, and a psychotherapist in private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ted has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and more than 25 years of clinical experience. Ted and his family became one of PLAN’s youngest Lifetime Members when they joined PLAN in the 1990’s and over the years Ted has been an active member of PLAN facilitating many workshops and retreats, and making a regular contribution to PLAN’s newsletter. Ted is the author of Peace Begins With Me, and Making Peace With the Future. Ted is a previous Board Chair of PLAN and PLAN Institute and is once again the Chair of the Board of Directors of PLAN.

Pat Tesan
Pat’s title in no way fully describes her incredible contribution to families not only in PLAN but also throughout the province of BC. Pat has years of experience supporting and advocating for and with families. Her warm manner and strong listening skills are greatly appreciated by all of us at PLAN. Now retired, Pat has provided family support, conducted PLAN orientations, facilitated will and estate workshops and trained PLAN facilitators. Pat and her husband Ric have four children. They are Lifetime Members of PLAN who support their daughter Erin, now a young woman, to live a meaningful life, with a personal network and individualized staffing through a “Microboard”.

Gail Wilkinson
Gail is a longtime member of PLAN and she is grateful for her family’s involvement over the years. Her sister and brother are PLAN Lifetime Members. She was introduced to the vision and values that PLAN is based on at one of the Wills and Estates workshops that Jack Collins, a PLAN founder, provided to families throughout B.C. As an family member, the solid philosophy behind PLAN resonated with her immediately. She later joined the Board of PLAN along with two other longtime members, Beryl Sawyer and Susan Whittaker. PLAN has grown and changed, and will continue to change, but it’s core values and vision remain as the foundation of it’s work. Currently, Gail is Chair of the Lifetime Members Committee. She remains committed to working with others to create new options for individuals with disabilities and their families.

Martin Wittman
Marty is a Lifetime Member of PLAN. He is also the parent of two sons, Michael and Stefan. It is his concern for Michael, which first compelled him to serve as a PLAN board member during its formative years. Over the years, Marty and his wife Jackie (now deceased) worked tirelessly (both individually and as members of various boards/committees) to advance the concept of integration and inclusion of people with disabilities. The Michael Wittman Society for Autonomy, a micro board, is an example of this continuing philosophy.

He was a long-serving Association Board member at The Centre for Ability (CFA). In the private sector, Marty was involved in a number of enterprises; he founded and was Director of a private post-secondary college (Metro College) until his retirement. During those years he served on several industry and provincial governing boards.

For about 35 years, Marty taught part-time/full-time at Capilano University/ College in the School of Communication. He just recently retired and is looking forward to spending more time with family and assisting PLAN in achieving its objectives.

Aaron Johannes
Aaron is the Director of Spectrum Consulting. Collaborative: research, learning, press, an independent social enterprise that is the work of 8 people, half of whom have disabilities. He is also a Co-Director of Spectrum Society which has successfully included folks with disabilities in their neighbourhoods through individualized supports for 25 years. Aaron and his partner have had a total of six children of various kinds – foster kids, adopted and nearly adopted kids. He is a parent and friend to people with disabilities, and recently finished his Master’s thesis, focused on leadership and disability. He has just started research for his Ph.D., on how concepts of leadership in the world of intellectual disability demonstrate the social construction of difference.

He is the co-author and illustrator of two books, has edited two other anthologies and the forthcoming Cheryl’s Star Raft Salons report, as well as facilitated translations of government documents and projects into plain language and graphics with focus groups. He recently co-hosted strengths based community mapping projects in Victoria, Coquitlam and Vernon through a B.C. Ideas Community Living Innovation award, as well as off-shoot projects in four other communities. Aaron is a popular workshop leader, instructor and graphic facilitator who has worked with groups of professionals, parents, self advocates and community members from the far North of B.C. and down to Nashville TN. Facilitating person centred planning, strategic planning and problem solving through dialogues, graphic facilitation, world cafe hosting and curriculum development is one of his great pleasures. The keyword for Spectrum Consulting is collaboration. We love to bring different people together in new ways to share success stories around organizations and projects, and create new narratives for successful inclusion.

Bosang Lee
Bosang is an Executive Director of Here and Now Community Society, a non- profit organization helping individuals with disabilities and their families. He wants to apply PLAN’s model to Korean community in Vancouver and spread it to other Korean communities as well. Prior to this position, he worked at Korea Telecom for 20 years in the areas of Strategic Planning and Marketing Strategy. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University. He was also involved in founding Besor Welfare Foundation, a non-profit organization for people with developmental   disabilities in Korea, in 2008 and served as a board member until 2010.

Carol Thorson
Carol is a member at PLAN; she has a support network that is
facilitated by a PLAN community connector, is a returning member to the Board of Directors and has volunteered her time to speak of her network development for projects led by PLAN and Plan Institute. Carol has first hand knowledge and experience of the benefits that come with having a circle of friends and family to support and guide her in living a good life. Family, friends, community and connectedness are all pivotal priorities for Carol.  She is a spirited community member and a long time, dedicated employee of Canada Post.

Barb Goode
Barb has many accomplishments: she is a founding member of BC People First (one of the first People First groups in the world). In 1995, Barb addressed the UN General Assembly (GA), becoming the first self-advocate to present to the GA. Furthermore, The EVE case back in the early ’80, where the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that developmentally disabled adults cannot be forcibly sterilized, is work that Barb is particularly proud of. She was also on the Editorial Committee for CLBC and contributed to their “Just say HI” campaign. In 2011 Barb published her memories A Goode Life and is currently working on the next edition.

Barb is a prolific presenter and workshop co-host for a variety of groups including, Spectrum Consulting, BC Representative of Children and Youth, ESATTA and as a voice for self advocate leadership, most recently on a webinar with Cornell University Citizen-Centred Leadership series.

Barb has also been on the Boards of BC People First, Inclusion BC, the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL), and International Inclusion.

Barb is a proud Aunt, and amazing friend, volunteer and choir member.

It is important to Barb that PLAN members meet and get to know each other socially. For everyone to be out in the community and “to be seen having fun and seen as people first and the label second”.

Lynette Morrison
Lynette was a registered nurse and a registered psychiatric nurse (RN/PN). She worked in health care for over 35 years. She earned a BSCN in 1978, and a MScN in community health in 1993 and worked at Vancouver Community Health from 1993 until retirement in 2011.

Her volunteer work has included working with a middle-aged lady with MS that allowed her to stay home longer with her family, as a community volunteer for palliative care clients, and worked as a shift care nurse in homes when palliative care clients chose to die at home.

Her current focus is helping to expand her son Corey’s network. Lynette looks forward to being a contributing member with PLAN.

PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities. . Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home…. . .

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