Board of Directors

Ted Kuntz (Chair): Ted is a parent, author, and a psychotherapist practicing in Vancouver. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and more than 25 years of clinical experience. Since joining PLAN in the 1990’s, Ted has led many of our workshops and retreats, with a particular focus on succession planning. In addition to the Board, Ted currently serves on PLAN’s Sustainability and Financial Oversight Committees. He is also the Board Chair for Plan Institute. 

Pat Tesan: Pat is a parent and member of PLAN, with a long history of significant contributions to families throughout British Columbia. She currently serves as our Family Advisor, where she collaborates with families to implement plans for a good life, including representation agreements and the RDSP. In addition to the Board, Pat also contributes to our Advocacy Committee and Wise Elders Advisory Group. She also serves on the Board of Vela Canada. 

Gail Wilkinson: Gail is a longtime member of PLAN and she is grateful for her family’s involvement over the years. She was introduced to our vision and values at a workshop led by Jack Collins, one of our founders. In addition to serving on our Board, Gail makes regular contributions to several of our committees: Family Support & Mentorship and Siblings & Successor Support.

Martin Wittman: Marty is a Lifetime Member of PLAN. He is also the parent of two sons, Michael and Stefan. Over the years, Marty and his family have worked tirelessly to advance the concept of integration and inclusion of people with disabilities. The Michael Wittman Society for Autonomy, a micro board, is an example of this continuing philosophy. In addition to the Board, Marty also contributes to our Sustainability Committee and our Wise Elders Advisory Group.

Cathy Anthony: Cathy and her family became lifetime members of PLAN in the mid 90’s. She is also a lifetime member of the Family Support Institute (FSI), where she has served as a board member, an employee and a resource parent volunteer for over 25 years. Cathy also contributes to PLAN’s Advocacy and Family Support Committees.

Bosang Lee: Bosang is the Executive Director of the Here and Now Community Society, which is an organization that applies PLAN’s model to the Korean-speaking community in Vancouver and abroad. In addition to the Board, Bosang contributes to PLAN’s Advocacy and Sustainability Committees. He also serves on the Board of Plan Institute.

Barb Goode: Barb is a prolific presenter and workshop co-host for a variety of groups, including Spectrum Consulting, the BC Representative for Children and Youth, and ESATTA. She was the first self-advocate to address the United Nations General Assembly, and contributed to the EVE case in the 1980s, where the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that developmentally disabled adults cannot be forcibly sterilized. Barb has also been on the Boards of BC People First and Inclusion BC.

Lynette Morrison: Lynette is a former registered nurse (RN), who worked at Vancouver Community Health from 1993 until she retired in 2011. She has also served as a volunteer to help people stay in their homes longer, and provide palliative care for patients who chose to die at home. In addition to the Board, Lynette is also the Chair of our Family Support and Mentoring Committee.

Jake Anthony: Jake has been an advocate for families and human rights for over a decade. He sits on a number of civic and provincial non-profit committees and Boards of Directors, including the BC Council for Families, the City of Burnaby Access Advisory Committee and the Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion (BACI). Jake also contributes to PLAN’s Advocacy Committee and serves on the Board of Plan Institute.

Shelley Nessman: Shelley is an accomplished civic engagement specialist. She has been an advisor and provincial leader in individualized services and family support throughout many roles. She is a well-known PATH facilitator, and is currently working on the multi-media documentation of stories about the lives of people with disabilities and those who care about them, as well as on a research project looking at potential new roles for staff leaders as facilitators.


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PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities. . Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home…. . .

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