Relationships are the core of what we do

As a family member, there is probably no one who will ever be there for your relative with the same persistence, interest, and determination as you are. But unless you’ve tapped into the fountain of youth, you won’t be around forever. So what’s the next best thing? The best guarantee of a safe and secure future for your loved one with a disability is the number of caring and committed family members and friends actively involved in their life. It’s as simple as that. It’s what the research says and, after 20 years, our experience bears it out.

The real strength of these caring relationships comes when people are connected to each other. Imagine a spider’s web. The strands extend from the centre of the web to the edge. Imagine if there was nothing else holding them together. They would flap in the wind. Their functional value would be minimal. They need to be linked with each other in order to form the web. The web is strong when all strands are interconnected.

It’s the same for our family members’ relationships. When the people in a personal network are connected with each other, the web of support begins to approximate the thoroughness with which we care for our loved ones. The core of PLAN’s work is nurturing and maintaining networks of caring relationships around your loved one.

Networks of friendship and love aren’t just something for down the road. They are crucial right now. They give lives meaning, fun, and fulfillment. They create a place for sharing life passions as well as difficulties. They are what fosters love and belonging.  Networks don’t just provide security later in life – they make that life joyful.

PLAN provides many resources to inspire and support personal networks of care. Here are just some of the offerings available through PLAN’s learning partner, PLAN Institute:

A Higher Calling
Authored/Prepared by: Doug Ward
Published by: Philia
Date published: October 2005
The Significance of Relationships
Authored/Prepared by: Jack Styan
Published by: Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN)
Date published: October 2004 …
You Can Count on Us
Authored/Prepared by: Vickie Cammack
Published by: Connections
Date published: February 2001

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PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities. . Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home…. . .

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