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What is a PLAN Personal Network?

For over 20 years, PLAN has been helping people to create their own network of family and friends, bringing together the people who are already in their lives (friends, family, acquaintances), and finding ways to meet new people.  These networks sometimes meet formally to discuss issues, brainstorm, or offer help.  They also come together socially: for celebrations, doing fun things in the community, and trying new activities.  In short: our main role is to make it easy for people to stay in touch, so that when something big arises, we know who to contact and how.  We also work with each person, to look for ways to meet new people in the community who share their passions and interests.

Each person’s network consists of:

• People who provide advice, encouragement, comfort, and love
• People who care about your relative’s safety and security
• People who are genuine friends
• People who stay in touch by phone and email, and enjoy spending time with your  relative
• People who share their passions and recognize their gifts
Each member of the network has a relationship your loved one based on common interests and friendship. As any friend would, members offer support, monitoring, advocacy, companionship, and caring.

At the heart of a personal network lies friendship. Members of a network are there because they care about the person at the centre of the network, whether they stay in touch regularly, or want to be notified in case of an emergency.

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PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities. . Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home…. . .

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