Who We Are

Working together to secure your family's future.

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) is non-profit organization founded to help families secure the future for loved ones with disabilities.

As a family formed and led organization, we know that planning for people with disabilities takes effort and intention. From future planning to school transitions, community involvement, financial objectives and more – very little happens without a network of caring relationships.

PLAN partners with families to envision, strategize and create opportunities to ensure loved ones are safe, secure and included in their communities. We focus on three key priorities, and employ semi-annual work plans to ensure ongoing progress in each:

  • building personal support networks that empower contribution and citizenship
  • implementing plans to ensure loved ones with disabilities are safe and secure for their lifetime
  • bringing together a network of families to provide mutual support and learning opportunities

Since being founded in 1989, our work has been guided by the five elements of a good life. By meeting these needs, families and people with disabilities can face the future with confidence, strength and peace of mind. They include:

  1. Being supported by a network of caring family and friends
  2. Being recognized for the important contributions they make to society
  3. Having their wishes respected in the decision making process
  4. Having a plan to ensure financial security
  5. Living comfortably in a home of their own