Mentor (Part-Time)

Are you a dynamic facilitator and community builder?

PLAN Mentors collaborate with people who have diverse abilities and their families to create strong, vibrant personal support networks.

Together they explore the gifts, interests, and current routines. The initial focus is on getting to know each other and gathering information about current relationships.  Another focus is made on learning about health and safety considerations and developing appropriate accommodations and safeguards.

After identifying the existing network, Mentors create opportunities to nurture their current relationships and explore their community to meet new people. They pay special attention to places and groups where people share similar gifts and interests.

Over time, new relationships develop and the network expands. This process is ongoing. As priorities shift over time, the Personal Support Network will evolve accordingly and friends and relationships can begin to fill specific and important roles in a person’s life.

The role of Mentor is to nurture, maintain and mobilize these networks, with a focus on ensuring that people:

  • Are supported by a network of caring family and friends
  • Are recognized for the important contributions they make to society
  • Have their wishes respected in the decision making process
  • Have a plan to ensure financial security
  • Live comfortably in a place of their choosing

Working closely with our Family Advocate, Mentors will also facilitate conversations about personal and family goals, dreams and priorities for the future. They will also work collaboratively with fellow Mentors and other members of PLAN’s Network Development Team.

Working hours:  8-10 hours per week to start
Compensation: $28.00/hour
Application Deadline: September 26, 2018