My RDSP Story

October 20th, 2014

By Julia Ansbacher


Hi! My name is Julia. I am 35 years old and live in Coquitlam, BC. From the time that I was born, I had a learning disability. When I was 33, I was very sick and had to stay in the ICU for 5 weeks. Shortly after, we learned that I had a rare disease called NKH (nonketotic hyperglycinemia).

Now I am healthy again because I take very expensive medication that helps. I am very thankful to my Mom and Step-Mom for the ways that they help me. Since my medication is not covered by the government, without their help, I would be in big trouble or be dead.

You can see why my financial security is important to my family. I have had an RDSP for several years. It is one way that me and my family are planning for my future. My RDSP puts my parents’ minds a little more at ease. It is also a way that my extended family is able to help me. I like that the government puts money in too.

On a personal level, I have many goals and dreams that need money to happen.I would like to travel and see more places that I have never seen. I also want to go to more NKH conferences. My dream is to change the world and help people who are less fortunate than me. Since I am saving money in my RDSP, I know that I am on the right path so that all of these things can happen.

Julia Ansbacher is a compassionate young woman with a great sense of humour who loves writing and performing slam poetry. She is passionate about social justice issues and is a strong advocate for NKH, a rare medical condition that she was born with. She recently returned from an international conference on NKH in Boston, MA where she was helping to raise awareness for people affected by the condition. 

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