Lifetime Membership

A lifetime partnership between families.

Lifetime Membership is partnership between your family and PLAN.

This partnership safeguards the well being of your family member with a disability for their entire lifetime.

Through this family-to-family commitment, PLAN makes a promise to be there after parents are no longer able to be. When that happens, the responsibility for our loved ones shifts to members of the network PLAN co-creates with your family.  In addition to keeping people with disabilities safe and secure for their lifetime, parents can also feel peace of mind about the future.

It’s important to understand that Lifetime Membership in PLAN requires more than simply paying a membership fee and receiving benefits and services. It is more like ‘ownership’ in a co-operative model, and includes both benefits and obligations. To ensure PLAN can keep it’s longterm commitment to your family, Lifetime Membership also means accepting responsibility for PLAN governance, family committees, ongoing operations and financial sustainability.

Initial Lifetime Member Benefits:

  • Consultation to identify expectations and goals
  • Future planning consultation and goal setting
  • Advocacy consultation and goal setting
  • A succession planning workshop – 2 seats
  • A workshop to help with Wills, Trusts and estate planning – 2 seats
  • Emergency Response Preparation
  • A succession planning workbook

Ongoing Lifetime Member Benefits:

  • Personal Support Network to last a lifetime
  • Ongoing support for future planning – including an annual check in
  • Support for monitoring and advocacy
  • Family-to-family support
  • Bursaries for courses and workshops from Plan Institute
  • Invitations to Member-only events
  • Contributing to social innovation and public policy discussions

For more information about Lifetime Membership (including costs), please email or call  604-439-9566.

We also offer a separate program called Friends of PLAN. Click here to find out more.