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Finding friendship and making personal connections in one’s community can present challenges for us all under the most robust of conditions; for those who are isolated due to disability, illness or old age, developing a social network can seem insurmountable.  At the heart of PLAN is the belief that in creating a caring community with the knowledgeable assistance of a Network Facilitator, a person in isolation can have an active social network playing an important role in bringing resilience, purpose and joy to an otherwise solitary life.

Building on over 20 years of experience in facilitating hundreds of personal support networks for people living in isolation, Weaving the Ties that Bind  is an on-line course of study using PLAN’s proven approach to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Network Facilitator.  As a Network Facilitator, you will have the tools to re-chart a life of isolation towards a life at the centre of an active and caring social network.

Designed to be both practical and inspirational “Weaving the Ties that Bind” consists of four easy to follow modules:

Designed for individuals working with or living with people who are socially isolated including seniors, people with disabilities and/or chronic health challenges, and youth.

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“Now we have information to move forward and begin securing the future, given a springboard to work from.” . “This is the single most powerful experience I have ever had as a parent.” . -past participants

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