Meet Cathy Anthony – Our New Chair

We are honoured and inspired to welcome Cathy Anthony as our new Chair. Cathy is a fierce co-leader in the Family Movement for Inclusion, and has been involved with PLAN, Family Support Institute and the Simon Fraser Society for many years. We look forward to the kindness, wisdom and strength she will bring to her new role as Chair.

Here’s a short letter written by Cathy:

Greetings my friends,

I am Cathy Anthony and I am a proud mom to my son Josh and daughter Lani.  My son was just a young lad when Ted and I became involved with PLAN.  We learned so much from PLAN and have deep gratitude to the leaders who have done so much to benefit so many of us.

I have always taken great pleasure and inspiration from being involved with other families, allies and family lead groups and organizations. I have been on the PLAN board for over a year now and experienced great mentorship from many. In stepping forward in the role of Chair of the PLAN Board, I feel this opportunity is both an exciting new direction for me and also a daunting role.  The stewardship, support, direction and dedication of PLAN’s staff, board members, committee members, family members and those we love that bring us into connection with the PLAN “Family”, is an inspiration to me.

PLAN formed and exists because of families hopes and dreams for a safe & secure life, both now and in the future, for their loved ones.  What an act of love and a very intentional forward thinking position in being driven by wanting the most life offers to our loved ones for today and in securing a long term future for our loved ones beyond our time. 

With the recent passing of our son Josh, I am reminded yet again of how fragile life is, and instead of him, it could have been I or Ted.  I had a deep sense of freedom in knowing that through PLAN our family had planned well for our son’s future and that of his sister to be circled with support for when we, Josh’s parents were gone. 

Life does take unexpected paths and in our connections with PLAN we have experienced an extended family, offering tremendous support from people who knew us and cared about us.  Just as we’d hoped for Josh’s future.

So now, I remain committed to continuing on and to contributing what I can, with the dream of ensuring other families feel the peace of mind that I did, for our son. 

My hope is that we see PLAN grow in family vibrancy, increase our family connections, find diverse ways for others to be actively engaged with PLAN, share our talents and gifts to enrich PLAN and to learn from each other on our continued journey. 

I am honoured to continue in service with you all,

Sincerely, Cathy