A Meeting at City Hall

Michelle and Rebekah at Burnaby City Hall

We all have important contributions to make as active citizens. This is one of PLAN’s core beliefs, along with the need for those contributions to be recognized.

Introducing Michelle.

She is a tireless advocate for making her community safer and more accessible. She’s also very passionate about protecting animals and the environment.

“If you don’t speak up for what’s important to you, then things won’t get better. I want sidewalks to be safer, people to be nicer to each other and to protect animals,” explains Michelle, “I also want to help other people who may not be able to speak up. That’s highly important to me.”

Recently, Michelle met with Rebekah Mahaffey, a Social Planner at Burnaby City Hall to discuss some of her concerns about the streets and sidewalks in her community. Michelle went prepared with a written handout, and five recommendations for improvement. With the help of a friend, Michelle also prepared some photographs to ensure Ms. Mahaffey understood her concerns exactly.

“It’s really important to be involved with our community,” confirmed Ms. Mahaffey. “Michelle came well prepared, and spoke passionately and articulately about changes she’d like to see. I’ve asked her to send me more information if there are other City issues she’s concerned about.”

After the meeting, Michelle’s family and friends could tell how happy she was for the chance to contribute to her community. Next on Michelle’s list is a meeting with Translink!