Sharing in the Network News

Dear Friends,

As a network of families, a small staff team, and an abundant community of supporters and partners, 30 years on PLAN continues its mission to build inclusive communities where everyone has access to a good life.

Ensuring that families can have peace of mind about the future and empowering persons with disabilities to live good lives as part of the community are two of the ultimate aims that drive our organization.

But what exactly does PLAN mean when speaking of a good life?

To PLAN, the concept of a good life means that every person:

  • Knows the loving support of nearby friends and family
  • Contributes to, and participates in a caring and inclusive community
  • Is respected and empowered to make decisions
  • Lives in a place they call home
  • Enjoys a meaningful and financially secure life
  • Has a well planned future, enabling their family to have peace of mind

In fact, PLAN’s mission and vision are based in the four founding core values, which continue to be our foundation today:

Caring relationships are the key to being safe, secure and living a good life.  Safety is directly related to the number and quality of relationships in one’s life.

Contribution equals citizenship. People with disabilities have important contributions to make to our communities, and PLAN works to ensure they are seen and recognized.

Self-sufficiency makes us more effective. Independence from government funding provides us with freedom to advocate for people and families without compromise.

We must always be led by, and accountable to, families. PLAN was founded by families, and our structure ensures we are always directed by and accountable to families.

Over the course of 2019, PLAN’s 30th Anniversary year, each edition of the Network News worked to connect readers to PLAN’s mission, vision, and core values through various stories, events, fundraisers, family leadership gatherings, community opportunities and so much more.

This year, we want to continue to share stories, ideas and information for deepening inclusion, community and diversity and are convinced that the best way to do this is to ask you to be actively involved.

We need your stories, pictures, thoughts, ideas, successes and challenges to fill the Network News and make it meaningful and relevant to people with disabilities, their families and community.

Please consider sharing with others by submitting to the PLAN Network News.

Submissions can be made through email to Claire at or by calling the PLAN office at 778-819-1726.

We look forward to hearing from YOU and bringing another great year of Network News.

Claire and Rebecca