Artist Profile: Maxim Fomitchev

Maxim Fomitchev in the persona of Max-i-mime is considered to be one of most expressive artists. He is an internationally recognized mime artist who uses the classic mime techniques of flexibility and strength, combined with physical comedy and expression.


Check out this incredibly entertaining video, that Maxim and film maker Brian Davis created called the “Peripatetic Clown.”

Maxim will be performing at The Power of Disability Concert on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

The Power of Disability Concert is a live-streamed celebration showcasing the power of disability through music, storytelling, and humour. It will entertain and bring joy and laughter into your lives, create a sense of community and to remind ourselves we’re in this together.

Ticket proceeds go to Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. PLAN has been building networks of support for more than thirty years and have ramped up their work during this virus.

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