Preparing for Emergencies – some ideas

One of the newer Mentors asked this question of the rest of the Team:
How have you supported PLAN members, their families, and their networks to prepare for an emergency (climate/pandemic/earthquake/medical etc.)?
Here are some ideas that were shared:
Have conversations at network gatherings 
  • Open with a question/drawing/collage so people talk without being in fear (the question can be made before the gathering or co-created with the group)
  • Open the space for everyone to talk
  • Be curious about what each person needs to feel prepared
  • Write out who are the people they will go to regardless of the emergency (phone list)
  • Write out who is taking on a role/responsibility (i.e. T. makes sure B.’s fan is on, Y. calls H. in the morning and P. calls H. in the afternoon etc.)

Share what was learned

  • Make short bullet point notes of the conversation (if you include people’s names ask if this is ok)
  • Share your notes
  • Make resources for people (picture list of what to do that can be put on the fridge or inside the front door)

Have any ideas to add to the list?