Lattes, Planning and Peace of Mind


A few weeks ago, Ragne and I had an opportunity to have coffee with Todd’s family with the goal of reviewing some of the information that Glory has put together as a detailed and amazing guide for Todd’s good life. We huddled up in a sweet coffee shop in our neighbourhood called Sanctuary – a perfect place to sit together over Lattes and talk about the future.  

As we sat and laughed and reminisced about things that have happened with the Network over the years, so many wonderful stories of the past carried us away together!  Suddenly, pouring over Glory’s information for clarity seemed less important as we realised the strength of our stories and knowledge of what would be important in the future all lay within those stories.  The incredible information that Glory has gathered coupled with our unique relationships with Todd and with each other would ensure the things that needed to be done- would be done.

Our conversation shifted to thinking about what might happen in that first month for Todd and his sister Lana and her family when the need to step in happens.  Someone made the point that in those first tender months after we lose someone or something changes our lives, we remember the feelings we have and not what events happened.  Our conversation became energized by being able to think about what things we might each need in those times and how to ensure that they happen for ourselves and our loved ones.   Our questions poured out of us- What would we need in the first week?  Practical things, emotions support and so on. 

At the end of our conversation, a feeling of peace and gratitude settled over us.  We were shocked to see that two hours had flown by and it was time to head off to our next thing.  Slowing down time to explore these ideas really did make it disappear!

When you think about your family’s experiences with change or loss, what are the things that stand out for you that kept you feeling supported through it all? 

What gives your family Peace of Mind?

– Shelley Nessman