Board of Directors

Families and community builders working together.

Cathy Anthony

Cathy is a proud parent of 2 adult children. Through her son Joshua, Cathy and her family became lifetime members of PLAN in the mid ’90s. Cathy is also a lifetime member of the Family Support Institute where she has served as a board member, an employee, and a resource parent volunteer for over 30 years.

Cathy feels blessed and grateful for the opportunities she has had over many years to be in connection with and learn from many families and their sons and daughters with disabilities, both through her personal experience and in her professional career. She enjoys facilitating workshops, doing presentations, and has volunteered extensively, both locally and at the provincial level. Cathy holds a deep passion for issues related to families and their family members and embraces the vision of people living rich, meaningful, inclusive lives, circled by the love of family and a network of caring committed friends.