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Janet Cox

Janet’s career in supporting people with disabilities began in the early ’90s with a four-year term as volunteer President of the Surrey Chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association, where her team built a strong relationship with the school district. This was followed by four years of employment with the LDABC provincial office. During this time Janet was the Parent Support person and delivered educational workshops to parents, educators, social workers, university graduates, and adult consumers. Years later Janet was on the Board of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta and their representative to the National office, the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

Janet enjoyed a successful career as an employment counsellor; developing and delivering personal development, life skills, and employment programs. Working with the unemployed simply reinforced her understanding of the needs of people with invisible disabilities, as over 60% of her clients had diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities, ADHD, and mental health issues.

In addition to the many ways Janet has contributed to our organization over the past five years, she is also a loving sister to Wendy, a longtime PLAN Member.