Staff Team

Meet our team of community builders.

Alex Neff


Alex Neff is a creative problem-solver with a passion for mindful design-thinking, illustration, storytelling, and universal accessibility. They are happiest when connecting with others over creative self-expression. Alex maintains a strong interest in collaborating with diverse teams to create reliable solution-finding networksanything can happen when creative minds come together!

Alex received their Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from The British Columbia Institute of Technology and found ways to elevate their practice through Biomimicry (design inspired by nature) and Cradle-to-Cradle Circular Economics. Over the years since, they have refined their copywriting and illustration skills to provide holistic design solutions in both the physical and digital world.

When Alex is not working at PLAN, they can often be found developing ink portraiture for their passion project and future publication, Drawing Thanks. This endeavour is in its fourth consecutive year of daily portraits which highlight inspiring individuals who have impacted their community in powerful ways within the City of Vancouver and beyond.

Alex is an older sibling to two inspiring sisters – Jenna and Kaity. Jenna was born with a mitochondrial disorder and Chromosome Deletion. Alex’s family has always felt a strong sense of community belonging, but knows that for many families, this has unfortunately not been the case. Upon joining PLAN in July 2021, Alex found an opportunity to marry their design-thinking and lived-experience to support others in finding their network and amplifying the strong voice of family leadership.