Staff Team

Meet our team of community builders.

Tim Ames

Executive Director, PLAN & Plan Institute

As Executive Director of PLAN and Plan Institute, Tim oversees the organizations’ resilient team of family members, staff and volunteers in their work of developing and sustaining social networks; pursuing outreach and educational initiatives; reaching out to public, private and non-profit partners; establishing strategic direction; controlling budgets, income and expenses; and maintaining the legal obligations of a charitable organization. Prior to this position, Tim has served as a community connector for PLAN, sat on the board of Plan Institute and also worked for three years as General Manager of Tyze.

In addition, Tim brings over 25 years experience in business, sales, management, and personal development, both in Canada and internationally, as well as experience as facilitator of personal development programs and workshops for Anthony Robbins. Tim accepted the Executive Director position at PLAN in 2013 to help lead the membership-based organization towards new levels of sustained growth. Tim has a passion for helping people discover and develop their own path towards a good life.