Sound Decision Making

Supporting the decisions of our relatives with disabilities

A good life includes honouring the choices of our relatives. This means recognizing their tastes, preferences, and values; it also means acknowledging their ability to discriminate, to select, and to choose. We know how determined our relatives can be to express their approval or disapproval. We know they are often aware of their limitations and express prudent judgment in the face of them. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware, understands, or accepts the capability of our loved one.

The assumption of others that our family members don’t have opinions or cannot make decisions is an additional handicap. We want the people involved with our loved ones to see what we see; a person capable of making their intentions known. Once there is recognition of their choice making ability, we can turn our attention to supporting our relative to make decisions.

PLAN believes in nurturing inherent decision making abilities rather than giving someone else the power to make decisions on our relative’s behalf. The legal options available to you and your loved one vary depending on the province you live in. Decision-making abilities can be nurtured by:


PLAN offers the following resources around Supported Decision Making:


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PLAN enables families to create a good life for people with disabilities. . Work with us to give your loved one a network of caring relationships, a sound financial plan, opportunities for contribution and supported decision-making, and a place to call home…. . .

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