Family Support & Leadership

Working together, families can accomplish anything.

In addition to building personal support networks and making plans to secure the future, families also benefit from the opportunity to come together for mutual support and learning.  That’s why we make it a priority to encourage families to connect with one another through various methods.  Here’s a few ways we come together as families:


Family Dinners

We host pot luck dinners to offer families the chance to meet and build relationships with other PLAN families. Compared to other PLAN events, these are coordinated by region to connect families in smaller groups and within their own communities.  These dinners are held several times a year, and families are free to include their extended family and friends.  While families are invited and encouraged to participate in dinners close to home, all events are open to everyone regardless of where they live.

Parent & Caregiver Events

Similar to the Family Dinners, parents, primary contacts and caregivers will be invited to get together to socialize in casual and friendly environment. There is no formal agenda, and the focus is to build friendship, laughter, support and connection to other PLAN families. Planned by region, these events will offer parents, caregivers and primary contacts the chance to connect in smaller groups and within their own communities. All events are open to everyone regardless of where they live.

One to One Connections

Some families prefer to connect in a smaller groups. To make sure families have the chance to connect in a way they find comfortable, we can help facilitate smaller and more personalized gatherings.  Examples include having another family over to your home, or even connecting via the internet or telephone.


In the near future, we will post information about our ongoing Family Support & Leadership programs, including:

  • Mentor Family Program
  • Family Directory
  • Family Working Groups