We believe every person has important contributions to make.


One of the core values at PLAN is that every person has a contribution to make. And contributions are heightened when they are recognized. From the comfort of supportive friends, family, and personal network members, people with disabilities can find opportunities to work, volunteer, create, inspire, and contribute.

One of the greatest barriers our loved ones face is garnering recognition for their contributions. Both the isolation that many people with disabilities face and societies’ narrow view of what equates as contribution, are part of this problem. At PLAN we seek to enable contribution and make sure that all contributions are appreciated and valued.

We believe there are two key ways that contributions are made:

Contributions of Doing

These are the action oriented contributions we are most familiar with such as volunteering, working, playing music, performing in a dance group, looking after children, cooking dinner and so on.

Contributions Of Being

These are contributions made by a person’s presence. Many people with significant disabilities offer grace, caring, attentiveness, wonder, acceptance, silence, receptivity, compassion, inspiration, pleasure, gratitude, loyalty, and friendship. These gifts – often overlooked in our society – are critical to society’s well-being. In fact, they are a necessary antidote to ‘too much doing.

Identifying the many gifts and contributions leads to meaningful relationships, the foundation of a good life.