A Note about Friendship

Network members give and receive friendship

Personal Support Networks are not about doing a favour for people with disabilities or their families. It’s not a volunteer job or some kind of service.

People join networks because they genuinely care about the person at the centre. Network members receive friendship as well as give it. There are many, many people participating in networks who have told us they receive more than they contribute.

Of course friendship cannot be taken as a given, nor does it come automatically. It takes chemistry and time. We look for opportunities to meet people, in situations where the person we’re working with is relaxed and comfortable. When we see people “click”, we make it easy for them to stay in touch.

At PLAN, we believe that having a Personal Support Network is the cornerstone of a good life. To find out more about creating a network for your family member, please take a look at our workshops and publications, or email us at hello@plan.ca.