Mission, Vision & Values

Everyone deserves to have access to a good life


PLAN’s mission is twofold:

  • To give parents peace of mind about the future, knowing their children with disabilities will be safe and secure for the rest of their lives.
  • To empower people with disabilities to live good lives as part of the community.


PLAN envisions a future where all people with disabilities are able to live good lives.  For every human being, a good life is based on five elements: 

  • Being supported by a network of caring family and friends
  • Being recognized for the important contributions they make to society
  • Having their wishes respected in the decision making process
  • Having a plan to ensure financial security
  • Living comfortably in a place of their choosing

Core Values

PLAN was founded on four core values that continue to inspire us today:

We know that having a network of caring relationships is the key to being safe, secure and living a good life.

“I think it was the early experience of networks that demonstrated the importance of relationship and it became clear through that that everything else was possible. PLAN was the first group to make the networks central to their work.”

Joan Lawrence, PLAN co-founder

We believe contribution equals citizenship. People with disabilities have important contributions to make to our communities and should be recognized for them.

“My son was an example; he always had the qualities of a small child, in school he was held back. When he became involved with PLAN, he became a real person that allowed him to contribute. His celebration was a tremendous tribute to him and a reflection of PLAN.”

Ted Kuntz, Board Chair

We must not become dependent on government funding. By not relying on government money to operate, PLAN is able to advocate for families without fear of consequences.

“If government gives you money, they have a certain amount of control, and there may be a fear of advocating there. If we earned our own money, we could advocate and hold government accountable.”

Arthur Mudry, PLAN co-founder

We are strongly committed to family leadership. PLAN was founded by families, and our structure ensures we will always be directed by, and accountable to, families.

“We got involved because we wanted certain things for our sons and daughters after we were gone. What we didn’t realize were the benefits while we were still alive.”

Joan Lawrence