A Network of caring relationships is the foundation for a good life

As a family member, it’s common to think about who will be there for your children when you are no longer able to be.  Will someone be there with the same persistence, interest, and determination as you have been?

The best guarantee of a safe and secure future for your loved one with a disability is to ensure they have a caring network of family and friends who are actively involved in their life. Being together in relationships is the foundation of a good life – It’s what the research says and, after 27 years, our experience bears it out.

The real strength of these caring relationships comes when people are connected to each other. Imagine a spider’s web. The strands extend from the centre of the web to the edge. Imagine if there was nothing else holding them together. They would flap in the wind. Their functional value would be minimal. They need to be linked with each other to form a web. The web is strong when all strands are interconnected.

It’s the same for our relationships with people. When the members of a personal support network are connected to each other, our loved ones benefit from the web of support these relationships build around them. A major focus of PLAN’s work to nurture and maintain personal support networks, to ensure your loved ones networks are supported for the rest of their lives.

Personal Support Networks aren’t just something for down the road. They are crucial right now. Being connected to others gives life meaning, joy and fulfillment. It creates a place for sharing life passions, challenges and triumphs. Connections are what fosters love and belonging, and they also keep us safe and secure in the community.  Networks don’t just provide security later in life – they make that life joyful.