Family Working Groups

We are committed to family leadership

PLAN was founded by a group of parents, and we continue to benefit from the leadership of our family movement. To guide our daily work, we have eight family working groups –  five operational and three focussed on Board priorities.

Operational Committees:

  1. Networks: to deepen and enrich practice related to personal support networks
  2. Family Support: to identify & facilitate family-to-family support and learning opportunities
  3. Planning & Advocacy: to assist and facilitate with future planning and advocacy needs
  4. Siblings & Successors: to support planning for succession of care across generations
  5. Celebration & Social: To plan and organize community celebrations and Member social events

Board Priority Committees:

  1. Sustainability: to direct and oversee activities related to fundraising and financial sustainability
  2. Wise Elders: to provide advice and direction to the Executive Director
  3. Financial Oversight: To oversee finances in accordance with the BC Society Act