What is a Network?

We believe relationships are the foundation for a good life.

We all have a network – a group of people we depend on for companionship, support and decision making. This typically includes our family, friends and neighbours, but also professionals like counsellors or financial advisors.

This group can be considered your “Personal Support Network”, and it reflects your personal interests, abilities and needs. The specific individuals will vary by person, and may change over time. Some networks will include many, while others just a few people.

Having a strong Personal Support Network creates the foundation for contribution, full citizenship, financial stability, making decisions, finding a good place to live and planning for the future.

At the heart lies friendship. Network members are there because they care about the person at the centre, whether they stay in touch regularly, or want to be notified in case of an emergency.

For some, developing a Personal Support Network is easy, but not for everyone. In particular, people with disabilities may require specific and conscious attention to find the right people to be in their network.

That’s where PLAN comes in – we partner with families and people with disabilities to build Personal Support Networks to last a lifetime. 

Each person’s network consists of:

  • People who provide advice, encouragement, comfort, and love
  • People who care about your relative’s safety and security
  • People who are genuine friends
  • People who stay in touch by phone and email, and enjoy spending time with your relative
  • People who share their passions and recognize their gifts