Planning and Advocacy

By planning for the future, you also change what's possible in the present

PLAN is guided by the vision of creating “a good life” for all people – including those with disabilities. We focus on five broad priorities:

  • A network of caring relationships to ensure connection & belonging
  • Having opportunities to contribute to our community as equal citizens
  • Living in a home that meets our needs
  • Being supported to make important life decisions
  • Being financially secure

Over the years, we’ve discovered that when you plan for the future, you also change the present for your entire family.  By making sure you have plans to ensure a good life in the future, you will also feel greater peace of mind about the present.

The plans you make today will give direction and purpose to everyone involved – not only your relative with a disability but also your larger family unit and surrounding community.

To learn more about the five elements of a Good Life, please visit the following pages: