A Roller Coaster Day

By Kathy Bromley


It’s been a rather long day already and it’s only 4:30. This morning I finished up some paperwork as part of Shannon’s transition from Youth to Adult services. In order to qualify for funding I was asked to write down everything that is done for Shannon, either by myself or others, in one 24 hour period, every little thing including clipping her finger and toe nails. Once I completed the five page document and read though it I felt rather overwhelmed.

Not ten minutes after I emailed off the document I received a call from Shannon’s teacher about her staffing for next term. We’ve worked really hard with the school to make sure Shannon’s experience at school has been an amazing one, we have had numerous successes. This call came as a disappointment. Shannon has five months of high school left before she moves on to, well, we don’t really know yet but it’s not high school, and it didn’t even enter my mind that her staff might change, the phone call changed all that. I then spent my morning trying to figure out a plan.

After school today I was cleaning out Shannon’s bag in preparation of getting her ready for her big dance production at the theatre tonight and I came across a play. The students in Shannon’s Drama class have been amazing and have just naturally included her in all they do. Shannon has had many roles during her years in high school drama, often a Nun’s Habit or King’s crown has come home by accident in her bag. After the roller coaster day I shed a happy tear after reading the play, I don’t know who wrote it but I do know it was written with Shannon in mind. For those of you that don’t know my daughter, she often has her head down and rarely makes eye contact. Enjoy the play….

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Description: two teenage girls having a sleepover on a Friday night. A secret is revealed. Will these two remain friends?

**Takes place in bedroom

Hannah – “Shannon, I heard you told my secret to the whole entire school”

Shannon – (Silent)

Hannah – “I thought that I could trust you. You promised that you wouldn’t say a thing.”

Shannon – (Silent)

Hannah – “You don’t really have anything to say right now?”

Shannon – (Silent. Doesn’t make eye contact. Head is down)

Hannah – ” Come on Shannon, we were best friends.”

Shannon – (Long silence)

Hannah – (Gets up) ” I mean, we were best friends.”. (Exits room)


Since writing this post, I’ve had a call from nursing support and the document I submitted was detailed enough to allow them to calculate some funding. I’ve received an email to inform us that Shannon’s present staff will now stay with her for her final term. The play was written as Shannon’s final drama assignment which she will perform in her pajamas on Monday and our tiny dancer has danced on the big stage once again, a beautiful way to end a very long day.


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