PLAN Picnic

There is something magical about a picnic. The sounds of laughter and the smell of hotdogs on the BBQ nourish one in surprising ways. But it is the sense of companionship and belonging that fill the soul. And by this standard PLAN’s annual picnic at Queen’s Park in New Westminster was a great success.

It has been a couple of years since I last attended a PLAN picnic in the park. And while the dogs were cooked to perfection, and the variety of salads, fruit, and snacks left one wishing they hadn’t taken that last bite, it was the sense of comfort in being amongst others who understand the journey that made the time memorable.

I watched with a swelling heart as folks, both those familiar and those not, shared greetings, inquired about each other’s health, and shared stories of struggle and success. Yes, the sun was warm and the shade was cool, but it was the hospitality and comfort in being with like-minded people meant for a grand summer’s day.

Thank you to all those who helped make it so wonderful.

–  Ted Kuntz