Gordon's Story

Gordon graduated from school to his bedroom. A big man of few words, Gordon was alone except for his family and the world seemed to hold no place for him.  Before his mother passed away she made her husband Chuck, promise to make sure that Gordon would be okay.  Chuck and Gordon have succeeded beyond her dreams. Gordon works at a local stable. He lives in his own apartment.  He has a rich network of friends that love him and appreciate his gifts and contributions. It changed when his PLAN Community Connector realized that “it was all about horses”.

After that realization she introduced Gordon to a friend of hers who had a horse at a local stable.  When she met Gordon, she told him about her horse and said he was welcome to visit whenever he wanted.  Gordon accepted her offer and became a regular at the stable.  It didn’t take long before the manager of the stable recognized his gift and in short order Gordon was working at the stable.  Gordon and the stable manager, who are the closest of friends, have several times participated in the Caribou cattle drive.  Life has changed for Gordon.  He belongs, and is valued and loved in his community.