Digital Download: Step-by-Step Guide for Individuals and Families

This guide is to help you complete each of the steps needed to:

1. become eligible for an RDSP

2. open an RDSP

3. manage your money

  • Step by step directions for eligibility, opening and managing an RDSP account
  • Directions on obtaining a social insurance number
  • Criteria for the Disability Tax credit
  • Filing your income tax return
  • Choosing a financial institute
  • Choosing your holder
  • Opening your RDSP
  • Investing your money
  • Updating your will
  • Protecting yourself
  • Future planning
This guide is for two groups of people:

1. Individuals with disabilities who are opening an RDSP for themselves, and;

2. Families or friends who are opening an RDSP for their son/daughter/friend with a disability. The main part of the guide speaks to individuals and the boxes are specific to family and friends, but all the information is important!

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