A Field Trip With Friends

On a very rainy afternoon, Trish, Joan and Tina headed up to the Bloedel Conservatory on the top of Little Mountain (Queen Elizabeth Park) in Vancouver, BC.

What a wonderful place to go on a wet afternoon, you are in a tropical forest. There was an awesome variety of colourful birds, big and small, and many, many gorgeous blooms (even a few potted mums trying very hard to look tropical…. unsuccessfully). The birds are beautiful and tame, and it is wonderful to hear all the different bird calls. Joan especially enjoyed the song birds.

Tina had the sharpest eyes. She was the first to seeĀ a number of birds but it was very cool when she saw the Chinese Golden pheasant hiding in the bushes and then, to our surprise, it practically walked right up to Joan!

We all liked it so much we plan on going again in March… to help save us from the March rains.

Image of Joan whistling to the song birds