Who Leads PLAN?

by Ted Kuntz

PLAN’s board has begun a new strategy to address the complex decisions required as part of the leadership of PLAN. Twice over the past two months Board members have come together on a Saturday morning over coffee and muffins to wade into topics that require thoughtful consideration.

Last Saturday we wrestled with the question – “Who leads PLAN?” As part of our discussion we discussed the idea of ‘family leadership’, and how we could more fully support the leadership by families at PLAN.

One of the richest moments in the discussion was when board member Darcy Riddell placed the word “network’ in front of the phrase “family leadership”. There was something about this fuller phrase – “networked family leadership” that struck all of us as significant.
What crystallized for others and me was the idea that the strength and security of PLAN is dependent upon, not just family leadership, but family leadership that is networked. At its core PLAN is a network of families in relationship with other families who understand and share our experience of having a family member with a disability.

While the idea is simple, I anticipate this concept of “networked family leadership” will be a source of clarity and inspiration as we find our way forward as a family led organization.


Ted Kuntz
Ted is an author, a college professor and a psychotherapist with a private practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and 25 years of clinical experience. Ted and his family became one of PLAN’s youngest Lifetime Members and over the years he has grown to become an active part of the future of PLAN. Ted is a previous Board Chair of PLAN Institute and currently is on the Board of Directors of PLAN.