Beaded Braceletes or Necklaces

Jewelry is an economical and easy gift idea. You can go to your local bead shop and buy beads in bulk for extra cheap or buy unique individual ones at a fraction of the cost you would pay for an already made bracelet at the store. Make sure the string material you buy is durable so that your gift will last a lifetime. Get creative and you will be amazed at what you can make.



  • Scissors
  • Dish (so you can sort through your beads)
  • String, leather, or chain
  • Beads of all sorts of shapes and colours
  • Clasps
  • Pliers (if you have a clasp you may need pliers to secure it)


  1. Cut the string to the length you want, making sure it will fit the desired area
  2.  Put on the beads in the order you want
  3.  If you have a clasp, put them on both ends so that it can be done-up and un-done. If you don’t have one just tie the ends together
  4. Make a nice card to go with it
  5.  Done!