A Rap for my Mom

By Micheal Oswald

Been with my momma for two decades and change
Now I have to explain, can’t refrain
From representing
All the times she hugged and loved me
Wiped the tears from my eyes
Made me smile
Not cry
Rescued me from bad situations
Dark locations
Supported every dream with constructive criticism

There are not enough ‘isms’ to express my dedication
My mami has seen all sides of me
The one I’m showing is the one about loving
I know she gives it back with no fronting

I got to take a sec to say my regrets
For any disrespect
Merci beaucoup for keeping me in check
If I could, I would
Give you everything you dream
I know your love for me can’t amount to any cream
My momma, this flow is direct from your son
With love
You are sweet as a rose and beautiful as a dove.


About Micheal:

Micheal was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1982 and moved to BC in 1990. It was shortly after that that his talent as a writer was discovered. He has been writing ever since.

Micheal lives with an alphabet of disABILITIES. He has a developmental disability and has been diagnosed with FASD or fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Aspergers and Tourettes among others.

His latest writing venture is a collection of his essays, stories, poems and raps called I Am a Man Who Cries, under the pen name, Micheal D. Mann.

When he is not writing, surfing the Internet or listening to music, Micheal is running, jumping and swimming with Special Olympics on the Sunshine Coast.
He also writes a regular column about Special Olympics for an Amateur Sports Newspaper.