Kind Words

A poem by Kirsteen Main

Kind Words
Release the weighted feelings
You leave
Like a word leaves my soul
To become a poem

For more poems by Kirsteen, visit her blog:

We are proud to announce that the  first complete collection of Kirsteen’s work will be published in 2014. It will be entitled Dear Butterfly, 50 Poems by Kirsteen Main – and will include many of her colourful and thought-provoking paintings.
We have amazing people working on the production of this beautiful book that has been a long-time dream of Kirsteen’s. If you can contribute in any way; financially, expertise or service in kind, to the publication or the launch party of this remarkable collection, please contact Carolyn Main at

Look for ‘Dear Butterfly: 50 Poems by Kirsteen Main’ in 2014.