Relationships and Contribution

From Safe and Secure, Six Steps to a GoodLife


Relationships play an important role in enabling our sons and daughters to contribute their gifts. From the comfort of supportive friends, family and Personal Network Members, people with disabilities can find opportunities to work, volunteer, create, inspire, care, serve and contribute.

Our family members make contributions in two ways:

CONTRIBUTION OF DOING: These are the action-oriented contributions we are most familiar with, such as volunteering and working.

CONTRIBUTIONS OF BEING: These are contributions made by the majesty of our relative’s presence. Being present is an important way for our family members to make their contribution. The exchange is fellowship and communion. Our relatives offer grace, caring, attentiveness, wonder, acceptance, silence, receptivity, compassion, inspiration, pleasure, gratitude, loyalty and friendship. These gifts–often overlooked in our society–are critical to society’s well-being. In fact, they are a necessary antidote to “too much doing.”
Identifying the gifts and contributions of our relatives leads to meaningful relationships. See Worksheet 5.

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