October Ezine: Response

We thought we would share this response from one of our readers about the October Ezine on Contribution. His letter is moving and reminds us just how many people face our culture’s misconception of what equates as contribution. Thank you Garth for sharing your thoughts with us and inspiring us to broaden our definition of the word.


Thanks for your article about the struggle people with “disabilities” face: “Contribution, At PLAN, we believe that everyone has a contribution to make…But one of the greatest barriers our loved ones with disabilities face is garnering recognition for their contributions…”

It’s something I’ve struggled with a great deal as I wrestle with Crohn’s disease. On a recent intake form for a doctor who’s expertise I’m hiring, it had a spot for my “occupation”. Being a man, this is a challenging question while I’m not able to work for money and have to rely on CPP-D, family, and provincial disability support. So I wrote “healing myself”.  I’m starting to get the idea that it’s as important as paid work.

I’m also fortunate in that my meditative/spiritual interests are strong and have been for many years. I can follow that pursuit regardless of the condition of my body (and am currently integrating my relationship to my body into it). Uncovering the barriers to Love within myself is something that I think has great value. Having worked in sustainability related fields for many years prior to and while struggling with my health, this direction’s importance is very clear to me. It’s something we can all work on and contribute to. I look forward to the day when this activity is valued by most people on par with paid work.

Thanks so much for your article.


Garth Thomson