Research insight #2 – Network models of care improve lives.

It was over 20 years ago when Vickie Cammack began working to create networks of support for people who are vulnerable. This work manifested into a social venture when Tyze was born as an online tool. This unique technology is a culmination of personal experiences, wisdom and research.

“Helping one another is key to having personal meaning in life and key to creating an inclusive, resilient society. Tyze is simply a tool that allows people to do what they want to do, which is love and care for one another.” – Vickie Cammack


Tyze provides a strategic way to share the care amongst family, friends and paid care staff. As we began growing to more than 10,000 Tyze users, we felt it was important to step back and gather in-depth research regarding the benefits of using Tyze. Some of our research findings have been discussed in our previous posts, “Do people have time to care?and “Research insight #1: People help more when plugged into a Tyze network.”It has been fascinating to gain insights regarding how we can give and receive help.

We are also excited to have discovered a stat that brings it all home. We found that 80% of family and friends connected to a Tyze network reported an improvement in their quality of life! It is remarkable to look back over the past twenty years and reflect on all the people who have contributed to this outcome. We are currently preparing to launch a newly revised version of Tyze that has been co-designed with developers and caregivers. This revision is still rooted in the history and research that make us truly unique.