Christmas Questionnaire

We asked some of our members what they like most about the holidays. Here are their responses:


1. What is the most important thing about Christmas to you?  

Michelle: Getting together with family, friends and network members, having turkey dinner with the works, getting presents, and being happy which means decorating.
Nora: Food, Presents and Christmas Music all rank equally!
Carol: Having a fun and healthy Christmas time.
Christine: Being surrounded by my church family and my own family and remembering Christ’s birth.
Lyle: Celebrating Christ’s birthday and enjoying Christmas music and dinners.
Rose: Family and beautiful Christmas lights.
Beth: Giving presents to people all throughout the Christmas season and all year.

2. Who do you spend Christmas with? 

M: Family members ( my bothers and their families, mom and dad (two dads)).
N: Family (Including Uncle Mike).
C: My family – my Mom, cousins and close friends.
Ch: I spend Christmas with my parents and relatives and my boyfriend David.
L: With friends.
R: My mom, brother and 3 special guests.
B: My family or friends.

3. Do you have any Christmas traditions?

M: Getting together with family and having turkey dinner and decorating the place.
N: Christmas train (Bright Nights at Stanley Park), Christmas Pantomime, Christmas Tree, Christmas Day Buffet.
C: On Christmas Eve, we each open one gift. Then on Christmas day, we open our stockings first, have breakfast and then open our gifts.
Ch: Every December closer to the end, my dad and I pick out a real Christmas tree together. We’ve been tree picking together since I was little and it has become a tradition that I look forward to every Christmas.
L: I like to go to Church on Christmas day and have Christmas dinner with friends.
R: Christmas crackers and keeping the tree up until after Robbie Burns day.
B: We play secret Santa and we invite people over for Christmas who don’t have family.

4. What do you like most about the holiday season?

M: Dinners, parties, presents and sharing.
N: Snow and everything!
C: Spending time with family and friends.
Ch: I love going to the Christmas Eve service at my church, it’s comforting and a special time to be with friends and family.
L: Playing Christmas music.
R: Singing carols and playing hand-bells at church.
B: Walking and thinking about how I can help others.

5. What is your favourite holiday dish?

M: Turkey with stuffing, and yams.
N: Eggnog and everything at Christmas dinner.
C: Homemade stuffing.
Ch: Probably my mom’s stuffing, along with her desserts.
L: Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
R: Turkey, Christmas pudding and Christmas cookies.
B: Trifle.

6. What ‘s at the top of your Christmas wish list?

M: A big quilt, blue yellow and green.  And to have the whole world not to smoke and to be very healthy.
N: Yugioh Cards.
C: Murdoch Mysteries DVD’s.
Ch: An acoustic guitar is at the top of my wish list!
L: An iPad.
R: Surprises.
B: That they find a cure for cancer.

7. What is your favourite Christmas movie? 

M: Cartoon ones like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.
N: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, The Grinch, Polar Express
C: The Sound of Music.
Ch: I have a few favorite Christmas movies, one of  them is the Polar Express! The other favorite is The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.
L: A Dog Named Christmas.
R: It’s a Wonderful Life.
B: Any Christmas movie.