New Beginnings

By Micheal Oswald

 So it’s 2014 now, huh? That means a whole new beginning. I can only speculate on what new opportunities lay in store for me.

If I were to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and apply them to the current situation, I could say that I may have a new book in the works, I may continue doing public speaking about FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), I may gain new work placements and I’ll probably make some mistakes along the way. But that’s just life.

I don’t have any resolutions for this year, but I do want to change some things about myself. Like for example, how I handle tension and frustration and how I relate to others when I’m not at my best.

I aim to lower the number of ‘blow ups’ and practice quickly calming myself at moments of ‘brain buzzing’. I also want to do some tasks that are important to me such as clearing my criminal record and obtaining a passport. I also wish to change my name from Micheal J.A. Oswald to Micheal D. Mann, which better reflects who I am.

I look forward to resuming my Special Olympics activities here on the Sunshine Coast, participating in tournaments and meets on and off the Coast and playful competitions with our other local basketball team.

I guess 2014 is a chance for a clean slate but I think I’m doing pretty well as it is. No crimes or sins to wash away. I see a wide open door and me taking those precious first steps into a brand new year.


Micheal is a writer, athlete and FASD advocate based on the Sunshine Coast, BC. His latest writing venture is a collection of his essays, stories, poems and raps called I Am a Man Who Cries, under the pen name, Micheal D. Mann.