Untitled Frank

What do you get a guy who has great fashion sense, good attention to detail and wants to do something with his hands? Sewing classes, of course!

Frank has always known what he wants to wear; he likes fashion and has his own sense of style. Frank has been going to sewing school at PI Couture since October of 2013. In the first segment of a three-part course, Frank has made two pairs of pants, four pairs of shorts, a bag and pajamas for his adorable four-year-old niece. Frank is mastering the basic skills of sewing; machine stitching, including how to stitch in a straight line and a directional line, and topstitching to outline a seam. He is also learning to cut and do the layout and follow the grain line. Sewing fly zippers, waistbands, belt loops and inseam pockets are some of the more advanced techniques Frank is learning. Frank is very patient in tracing the pattern and doing the work slowly and carefully so it doesn’t have to be done twice. With textiles, he is learning about colours and how to choose fabrics and look for defects. Frank’s great memory helps him to remember which fabric bolts have defects in the various stores.

Chris, his teacher, says he is the most passionate of his students and is very keen to finish projects. Frank is very proud to be producing something and often adds his own design modifications. He is showing that people labeled with disabilities can create something very stylish and useful to people and to society.

Up until a month ago Frank was living in a hospital. He has now moved into his own place close to his parents and is doing very well. Immersing himself in sewing is helping to ease his transition back into society and is allowing him to contribute and create things for the people he loves. Everyone is excited to see what Frank will sew for his new home.