Father's Day 2014 – What Have We Learned From Dads?

This is my father, James “Babe” Thomson.  I miss him so much – he passed away after a series of strokes in 1975.  From my Dad, I learned to feel secure.  I learned kindness and the benefits of a quiet mind.  I learned how to control my temper and how to stick handle a hockey puck.  From my father, I learned that dignity is central to a good life.
Jim is my husband and our children’s Dad.  Like my Dad, Jim gave our children a sense of trust and security.   He gave them a strong moral compass.  He taught Nicholas and Natalie how to budget (Nick’s still working on this one!).  Our children know that their Dad adores them!
Happy Father’s Day to all the loving Dads out there!  You are appreciated every day, but today, we want to tell you just how much.  It’s a lot. Thank you for all you do – you anchor all of us.