The Hubs of our Community

It’s not always people that bring a community together. Sometimes it’s a hangout we all love.

Gord at TOPS

That’s definitely the case with TOPS restaurant in Vancouver, which recently closed down after 44 years in business. For hundreds of locals, the restaurant was a community hub where they came to connect, make friends and enjoy a meal together.  The restaurant only closed for two days in it’s entire history – once on Christmas, and once on Canada Day. The community wanted them to stay open, and they did.

For our friend Gordon, TOPS was also a place that kept him safe in his community. By getting to know his neighbours, Gord became part of a network that watched out for each other.  If he hadn’t been in for a while, they noticed at TOPS.

A network of caring relationships is a crucial part of living a good life. Our network members give our lives meaning, fun, and fulfillment. They create a place for sharing passions and opportunities to learn. Our networks also keep us safe and secure.

TOPS has been a landmark for Gord – a constant icon of life in Vancouver. Seeing it close reminds us to be grateful for the other hubs in our community that bring us together.

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If you know Gordon from TOPS, and want to get in touch, click here to email us. We’d love to connect you!