Artists are Community Builders

They say art brings people together, whether they like or dislike a particular piece. That’s why it’s sad to hear a person say they “can’t do art”.

Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, drawing, writing poetry or a million other media, we are all artists.

Take Michelle for example. She creates with photography, graphic design and hand drawn portraits. In all of her work, Michelle is inspired by those around her.  She loves to take pictures of people in her life, and add her own creative touches to bring out what she loves best about them.  In Michelle’s case, she thinks most of us look better with a touch of green, and at least one spider on our shoulder (or in our hair).


And whether you’re a fan of spiders or not, the act of being included in Michelle’s art nurtures a closer relationship with her. There’s simply no doubting Michelle’s love for the people she captures in her art. 

Art has a magical quality that transcends imagined obstacles like different languages and abilities. It is found on museum walls. It is seen on stage. It touches every aspect of our world, whether we’re aware or not. In doing so, art has the power to build inclusive neighbourhoods and bring people together.

So take a moment to appreciate the art, and the artists, in your network.

The networks we build together provide opportunities to share our talents and gifts with others. By uniting people in a shared passion, artists like Michelle are building networks of art lovers, and making our communities richer in the process. 

Check out a few of Michelle’s recent works.