Hi! I’m Teresa and this is my food bank experience…

My name is Teresa.  I am a volunteer at my local food bank in Kelowna, BC.

2. Teresa - food bank

I go for three hours one morning a week.  I have been volunteering at my food bank for 2 years and 6 months.

I help to educate new volunteers to the food bank and I teach them how to do things.  I always say “Hi” to the clients that come in to the food bank.  It makes them feel welcome and I always make sure I have a smile on my face.  It makes them feel happy.

I catch on quickly to the jobs that the food bank gives me.  And I work hard and I do my job well.  I also have a heart for the people that come into the food bank and for my community, too.  I have fun while I’m working at the food bank and I am very social.  I am very friendly and helpful with the clients.

I’m also willing to try new things other than the bar coding that I do in the warehouse.  I work on the front line sometimes; it is important to talk with clients to make them feel welcome.  I sometimes build hampers for single people, couples, and families.  It gets crazy in the hamper line at Thanksgiving and Christmas time; and the front line is even crazier.

3. Teresa - food bank

The food bank staff members are awesome; they are caring, friendly, generous, kind, nice, and easy to talk to.  I don’t have a favourite; I like them all!  They are the best people I could volunteer with. And each day we volunteer, we get a hot lunch.

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The importance of my experience at the food bank is that I see that some people live on less and some people live on more.  We are community and take care of each other.  This is and has been an amazing experience for me to volunteer at the food bank.  I’m also very blessed to help people get yummy food in their tummies and for me to do that for the food bank and my community, let’s just say, “It makes me glad to be part of the food bank team.”

4. Teresa - food bank

Every time I see a commercial on TV about children all over the world that don’t have enough food, I tear up, it makes me so sad, so that’s what has inspired me to go out into the community and volunteer.  I can help make a change that puts food in people.  I think that’s a beautiful experience that I have volunteering at the food bank and in my community.

Have you thought about volunteering at your local food bank?  And do you donate regularly to them?  It makes a difference!

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