A Letter from Eddie to his Mom

We’ve long known that having a loving network of friends and relationships is the foundation for a good life.  Many years ago, Theresa Kaufmann recognized this, and her family became part of PLAN.  Theresa has since passed away, but her son Eddie is still an important member of our community.

Recently, Eddie penned a letter to his mom – it’s our honour to share his words with all of you:


“My Mom’s name was Theresa Kaufmann.  She passed away in 1999.  I miss her very much.

She used to say to me “I love you my son.”

My mom did not like it when I didn’t have any friends.  She taught me that friends are important.  Now I have a lot of friends and my Mom would be very happy about it.

My mom helped me by getting me PLAN

My friends help me by taking me out and talking to me on the phone.  They understand me and help me with my finances and making decisions about life. 

I like it when they give me compliments.  I am good to me friends and they are good to me.

I am very happy with my friends and they have done a wonderful job.”