Empowered Choices: A Chat with Barb Goode

Being together in supportive relationships is the foundation for a good life. This is one of PLAN’s founding principles, and it shines through every aspect of our work.

People need people, and we need to be connected to others in our community.  Consider why…

We all enjoy having a friend to join for dinner or see a movie, but what about all the “non-social” ways we are shaped and supported by people in our networks?

Think about decisions you’ve made over the years –  to change jobs, rent or purchase a home, join a club or where to invest RDSP funds. In making these decisions, we almost always look for advice from people in our networks. Being connected to other people, and having informal and formal support for life decisions, empowers you to make the best decisions.

In British Columbia, we are lucky to have the Representation Agreement – a legal document that allows adults to legally authorize one or more personal supporters to be their representative on personal and financial affairs. They can also help make decisions on your behalf in case of illness, injury, or disability.

The most important thing about setting up a Representation Agreement is to include people currently in your network – people who know you, love you, respect your voice, and will collaborate to help you make decisions. You’d never want decisions made that don’t reflect what’s important to you.

We recently invited our friend Barb Goode to share a few thoughts about her Representation Agreement. At PLAN, we’ve helped many people set up Representation Agreements, and keep them updated.  We also invite you to visit www.nidus.ca for more information.