Just Add Food!

Bringing families together is an important part of propelling the Family Movement forward. At PLAN, we do this in a variety of ways.

In the summer, families host potluck dinners at homes across the lower mainland. Everyone is welcome, and there’s no agenda beyond getting to know each other better. Hosting these potlucks in someone’s home also lends a different vibe. You get the sense you’re just at a friend’s house and not an “event”.

For new PLAN members, attending a gathering without an agenda may seem surprising. “Oh really, there’s no agenda?”

But that soon turns to relief as people naturally embrace the opportunity to connect with other families and meet people who understand their experiences implicitly. If you were not friends before the potluck, you feel closer to that afterwards!

For some people, these potlucks are the only time they get a chance to connect with other PLAN families. Large-scale events aren’t comfortable for everyone (too noisy or crowded), so these smaller gatherings are more appealing. Also, people appreciate meeting in various locations because there’s usually something happening close to their home.

Sharon and Cathy chat at a recent potluck

Of course, nothing brings people together like food!

Socializing with people is wonderful – but if you can do so with yummy things to eat, it’s even better! Food can also offer a conversation ice breaker, and it allows for moments of silence and breaks in conversation (which can be awkward) as people chew.  And just generally- people love (and need) to eat!

Attending these potluck dinners is something we strongly encourage all PLAN families to do – especially new ones. They are a great way to meet other families right away and learn more about the organization from a family’s perspective. Some of our newest members recently attended one in Coquitlam. They told us they already feel more comfortable because they have faces to recognize at our next event.

Families coming together. That’s how we keep our movement strong!