Hi, I am Nikki Mitchell

We all have important contributions to make in our communities, including on the job.  One of our members recently started a new job and wanted to share how it’s made a difference to her, and to those around her.

Hi, I am Nikki Mitchell,

I tell myself continuously; There is no good reason to dwell on the past, Just note your mistakes to yourself and carry on and keep on trying to do better.  Be Obsessed with doing better that will make you a strong woman and people will admire you for it!  That will take you places. Strive for those Opportunities. Take those life chances and Risks and take hold of and Embrace change, that will give you those Promotions and give you a fulfilled life.

Recently I started working as an Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields.  It has allowed me to Engage my Brain, exercise my Mind and live a Full Richer Life of Success. No one believed it was possible that I will Become.

My job lets me work at my own pace at home. It’s on my hours and I don’t feel pressured to work on a Schedule.  Although I cannot say it is Easy all the Time, You have to have the Determination to do it, and the Payoff will be worth it!

At my job, I have a very Supportive Team, which is What I need.

I am also a Person with a couple of Disabilities due to my Childhood Epilepsy, and I developed Complications from it later because I could not get rid of it.  My Epilepsy is very Traumatic for me. As a Child, I Constantly had Seizures growing up because there just were not the right meds available for me.  What was even more Difficult was I could always be conscious and could hear what people said to me. The Complications have caused me to have a Mental Disability as an Adult, and they have created some hard times in life.

My Friend approached me six months before I decided about being a consultant for Rodan + Fields. It intrigued me, and I told her I needed to think about it.

Then I decided to go on a trip because I was Feeling Restless, and a different direction was needed to go in, and I had been there, at that point for a long time.  So, I took a trip across Canada to Halifax, to see Eastern & Atlantic Canada.

On that trip, I decided to revisit some dreams I had Growing up, with a Learning Disability. I wanted to Be someone, or Do something Big, that I needed for my Self- Esteem, because I have always been told and in fact all through my life that I could never do it.  When I finally became an Adult, I was forced to GIVE UP that dream, because of more controversy in my life with my Mental Disability that I had just developed. Although, I was determined to put it on hold instead.  So when Keegan my Friend called six months before my trip, I knew I would be thinking about that Dream and An old Friend and Mutual friend, that I shared my Dream with in High School had pull through.

On my Trip, I got 2nd Degree Burn with Blisters on my Face from the Tea Tree Oil put on a Rash I got from my new Dog Laura licking my face. The Anti-Biotic Cream my Doctor gave me just was not working. When my friend Keegan had called again to talk about Rodan + Fields, I decided to take the chance. Their products worked for me, I do not have that second Degree Burn anymore on my face!

I can’t wait to see what else I accomplish at my new job!